The Association does not provide recommendations nor suggestions on which contractors owners should use.  However, the Association (through Todd Duncan) approves whether or not a contractor is allowed to perform work at our facility.  This approval is given after proof of licensing and insurance is provided.  The list of approved contractors changes from time to time (new ones are added, sometimes old ones are removed.) 

Owners are reminded that any renovation work must be approved by the Operations Manager (Todd) in advance of any work starting.  Other major projects should be brought to Todd’s attention as well. 

The following contractors have been given approval to work here:
**Again, this is not a recommendation – owners hire contractors at their own risk.**


A-1 Home Repair Staphanus (Steve) Wiltshire 340-603-9832 6266 Est Nazareth,

St. Thomas USVI 00802

Bill Tynan Services Bill Tynan 340-690-4311 6501 Red Hook Plaza Suite 201

St. Thomas USVI 00802

Daley Home Repair Tony Daley 340-201-0898

1-137-6 Estate Wintberg

St. Thomas, USVI 00802

Mike Dombroski   774-253-2324  
Impact Construction Aikeem Harris 340-513-7328 PO Box 9196

St. Thomas, USVI 00801

Jeff’s All Star Svs, LLC Jeff Thompson 340-626-5292

T-Builders Pat Thelen 605-460-1223

6501 Red Hook Plaza, Suite 201,

St. Thomas, USVI 00802

Robert’s Locksmith Service                            340-775-9463                  Robert Querrard

WAPA (Water and Power Authority)       340-774-1424


Frank’s Electrical   340-473-6549  
Foy Electric David Foy 340-776-3806 PO Box 303806

St. Thomas USVI 00803

RPS Electric Ralph Sutton 340-775-5245 PO Box 503294 Tutu Park Mall Station

St. Thomas USVI 00805

A-1                                  340-473-0874  Steve
First Resort Painting       340-690-2898  Wally Bostwick

A-1 (Steve)                       340-473-0874
Mike Dombroski             774-253-2324
Hurricane Drain               340-715-3006 (same owner as Drain King)
Drain King                         340-514-0037    Renee

AA Supplies                      340-774-6560
Atlantic Supply                340-642-7393
The Home Depot             340-777-1077
East End Lumber             340-775-3993
M & M Electric                 340-774-7793
MSI                                    340-776-8800
Poly Caribe                       340-775-4660
Seachest ACE Hdw          340-774-0495 

Mold Remediation:
SPOREBUSTERS VI                                        340-513-9896
ADCON Environmental Services               340-713-1073

Marina Slip Property Managers:
GoMoJo Scott Schroeder 340-344-1190,
Amantha Yacht Sales 340-998-1203 Niles Pearsall 6501 Red Hook Plaza Suite 201 St Thomas VI 00802


ADM Wireless Trevor Adams 340-776-5480 Four Winds Plaza 4392 Anna’s Retreat

St. Thomas USVI 00802

VIYA   340-779-9999